Do you charge for Diagnosis?

Depending on the particular circumstance. If the customer requires us to come out and diagnose the vehicle there will be a mobile fee as well as an hourly charge. If work is already being done, quick diagnosis maybe included free of charge, but if an in depth diagnostic is required, the customer will be informed of the price and decide if they would like to proceed. We will never charge you for something you do not approve.

If my car won't start, what are some things that I can check?

This can be caused by a couple of different problems. First you must check if the starter is cranking. If you try to crank the engine and hear a clicking noise or get a very slow crank then the battery is likely your issue. If you confirm that the battery is good you may have a bad starter. An old trick used by mechanics is hitting the solenoid (cylinder on the top with wires) with something that is not conductive. That has sometimes proven to get you home so you can replace the starter.

Do you do body work?

Unfortunately, we are currently only offering mechanical repair but look forward to expanding in the future. We always have a list to provide to customers of a couple of companies that we send out certain jobs to such as body work, tires supply, and glass replacement.